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Shanghai Metro Transfers a breeze

Date: 2012-10-22

THREE escalators, two going down and one up, stretching 17 meters in height from the first floor to the fourth, opened yesterday at a newly built transit passage between Metro Line 3 and Line 8 at Shanghai's Hongkou Football Stadium Station.

An elevator is also in service for senior citizens and the handicapped.

The transit passage links the stadium's overhead station on Line 3 with an underground station on Line 8. It takes about 4 minutes to walk between the stations using the transit passage. Before, commuters had to go out of one station and enter the other, with those without transportation cards having to buy tickets again.

A Metro staffer based at the station on Line 8 said yesterday that "changes like adding more barriers to separate passenger flows will be made" if the volume turns out to be big during weekdays.

For safety, a Metro worker will be posted beside the long escalators in case of emergencies and to help passengers.