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Pudong district law work conference held

Date: 2013-07-19

July 19 electricity 19 afternoon, held in Pudong district law conference, District Committee, District Politics and Law Committee secretary, district deputy head of the Leading Group district law Wu Fukang attended and delivered an important speech.

Conference Standing Committee, deputy director of the district, the district deputy head of the Leading Group district law Tan Lin Fu presided.Deputy Mayor, District district law Lu Ming, deputy head of the Leading Group for "district law Work Report", the District Vice Chairman, District district law, deputy head of the Leading Group Chen Chunlan read "on the recognition of the second session (2012)outstanding cases Pudong district law decisions. "

Fukang comrades at the meeting that should focus on "three key", and comprehensively promote the work of administering the area.First, the rule of law around the government building, and promote administration according to law, and strive to build the rule of law in the country take the lead in the government.Should pay attention to system construction, focus their efforts on administration in the reporting system, the rule of law system of government construction work such notification mechanism for promoting the building of administration according to law.

Is to deepen administrative reform, to promote transformation of government functions and management innovation, to further reduce the excessive concentration of power of some departments to strengthen supervision over the exercise of power, decision-making process and the results made public to increase efforts to achieve streamline administration and decentralization.

To focus on law enforcement, in strict accordance with the statutory authority and procedures for the exercise of powers, duties, and focus on administrative oversight and accountability, and comprehensively promote openness in government affairs, and effectively for the people wield power, the right to good use.Fourth, we should attach importance to law to resolve social conflicts, improve the administrative mediation system, improve administrative efficiency mediation.In the process of resolving social conflicts, not only talk about the effect, but also talk about the rule of law.

Second, the economic and social development around the service, carry out a comprehensive governance according to law.On the one hand you want to work for the current district law practical, effective measures for the work proposed to solve the problem of economic and social development; we must also play an active role in safeguarding the rule of law, pre-, active intervention pilot test area and the establishment of free tradeeconomic reform, transformation of government functions, changing the urban-rural dual structure and other key work, and strive to break through the bottleneck restricting the development of deep-seated obstacles.

Third, focus on strengthening social management and innovation, promote the rule of law in social management.To the government to provide better public services, fostering the development of government and society and grassroots governance mechanisms autonomous mechanism and other aspects.

At the meeting, the District Finance Bureau and other units responsible Tangqiao street made the exchange floor.District, the District People's Congress, District Government, District CPPCC leaders in charge of the district court, the Procuratorate leaders in charge of ministries bureaus in charge of leadership, co-ordinators, directly under the leadership of the company nearly 100 people attended the meeting.The Development Zone leadership, the party and government leaders in charge Jie Zhen, director of the Justice at the venue to attend the meeting.